Trekking at Dare Nature Wayanad

Trekking in Wayanad

Trekking is Wayanad is very popular and interesting activity. At Dare Nature, Trekking is something more than an experience, you get to see and learn a lot from and about nature. We are technically not in forest, but very close to the forest. The forest eco system is something that should not be disturbed and so we dont take you deep into the forests, a visit through the outskirts of the forests are something more than we could explain here. We have multiple trekking trails as you see below.

To the British Camp

This is a popular trekking program that takes two house altogether, its a soft trek program and takes you to a hillock where the British Estate Owners camped before they headed to the forests for hunting. There are a lot to see and hear here, and there is an amazing view point en route this track.

Trekking at Dare Nature Waynad camp

Trek to the Water Falls

This is a very interesting trek route where we walk downhill to a waterfall. if you are interested you could even take dip close to water body down stream of the falls.

Chembra Peak Trek

Chembra Peek is a popular name to most people who visit Wayanad. The peek is the highest peek in Wayanad and we offer treks to here in association with the forest department officials. Its a half day long trek and the views from here are just awesome. There is a small lake or say a water body atop the mountain that is in the shape of a heart. Sounds Interesting !