The Ultimate off road Experience

Feel the thrill of off-road travel like never before, never again. We call it as “forest safari” , it is our commitment, the thrill of your trip starts even before you reach the destination, dare to experience, 2 kms off road “forest safari”. We assure, you will become more daring and confident.

Clean and pure environment.

We at dare 5000, are committed to keep the environment pure and natural because we come and go but nature doesn’t It has to be kept pure because tomorrow our sons and daughters must thank us for helping them to inherit the biggest wealth, a clean, pure environment.

The wonder stay at Dare Nature Wayanad

Rooms at Dare Nature

We have 9 rooms at dare nature. The building structure at Dare Nature is an old structure that is being renovated recently. The structure was supposed to be built by the British as an accommodation facility for the workers who used to work in near by cardamom and coffee plantations. We renovated the rooms keeping its original shape and charm, initially we did not have toilets which was later on added to each room. The rooms are so cool that it will still be cool in the most scorching summer hear :-)

The rooms have

  1. one Double bed with pillows and blankets.
  2. A dressing room with a wash basin.
  3. A separate shower area with a Western Water closet.

Cooking Food and Dining

Since we do not have electricity at Dare Nature, we purchase the food require on a bi weekly basis. And all non vegetarian food on a daily basis. The kitchen is an open kitchen with local cooks working in there. The only thing we assure you is fresh, healthy food.

Jeeps at Dare Nature Wayanad


We have two Jeeps at dare nature, both of them are four wheel drives. One is a Mahindra Marshal in which we carry most of our guests to Dare Nature. We also have a Mahindra 550 ex military 4 X 4 which is used as a backup.

 Things to do at Dare Nature Wayanad

Dare OBT (Out Bound Training Programmes)

If you are ready for the best “experiential learning” in outdoor environment- dare to come up. We offer custom built outdoor residential camps for executives, college, school groups. At Dare Nature Camp learning is fun. Learn crucial life skills with thrilling activities, of-course challenging and adventurous. When you choose dare 5000 nature camps, your journey doesn’t stop at reaching the camp. Your journey begins… a much more meaningful journey, where you will discover the heights of your abilities and the depth of your inner strength. Get ready to realize your own hidden potential.

We assure you that you will return rejuvenated and empowered. Because when you do a lot of exciting things in a lovely location; the fresh air reaches not just lungs, but your soul.