Wayanad being a high range, jeeps are very popular here. There are a lot of Jeep enthusiasts who come to Wayanad for off roading. SPLASH a tourism meet in Wayanad organizes Jeep off roading as an activity for their delegates from across the country.

Dare Nature is owned and managed by Jeep enthusiasts. Even thought the road to Dare nature is said to be an off roading in Wyanad experience, it is not that extreme off road track. We still have a track there where jeeps could go, it would be bumpy by not horrible. When we talk about off roading experiences in Wayanad, we mean about making roads and moving ahead, through rocks and grasslands.

Off roading in Wayanad

Since there are a lot of Jeep Enthusiasts from Wayanad, we often have Jeep off roading rides happening, most of them conducted by Jeep off roading groups and Clubs.