Long view Jeep Dare Nature Wayanad

Last few miles before reaching Dare Nature Camp Wayanad

One thing that most people say about reaching a destinations would be “The last mile should be different from all the miles passed” Now the reason why we mention it should be different is because, that is when the excitement about the destinations pops up :-)

Dare Nature Camp is in the forests and the roads are not in great shape, if fact the road is just in the papers, technically there is no road here. To reach our Guests to Dare Nature Camp we need to have 4X4 Jeeps, to overcome the slushy muddy roads condition. We have got a 4X4 Mahindra Marshal and a 4X4 Mahindra 550 to overcome the road conditions and reach our guests here. So Normally we tell our guests to park their Vehicle at a parking space under our custody and we pick them up in our Jeep to climb Up hill to the Dare Nature Camp. The below video would give you a glance about reaching Dare Nature Camp Wayanad.

The Jeep ride is very interesting through the woods, if you are lucky enough you get to see small wild beings like the giant Malabar Squirrel, Barking deer, Sambar etc.. We took this video for our guests to have a real feel of what they are going to have in terms of an off road to the camp, even before they plan a trip to the camp.

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