Jeep ride to Dare Nature Wayanad

Team Outing – Still waiting for a destination?

If are coordinating a Team Outing after a stressful quarter? We have got this wonderful place in Wayanad where you could have a wonderful Team Outing. We are very much interior from the main roads in Wayanad, technically we are not inside the forests, but literally we could say, we are within the forests of Wayanad, some six kilometers inside from Vythiri.

Since normal vehicles dont reach us, we pick our guests from Vythiri, where we have got a parking space. After twenty five minutes of bumby kutcha off roading. Yes you have reached some of the most interesting places within the Western Ghats – Dare Nature Camp, we ourselves say 5000 feet above the sea level, 5000 trees around us. You are not on the foothill of Chembra peak, the highest peak in Wayanad.

The wonder stay at Dare Nature Wayanad

We have 09 rooms of the same size, each could accommodation an extra bed / mattress. That means we could accommodate around 27 adults at a time. The accommodation comes on a full board basis which starts from Lunch, Dinner and next day morning breakfast. Food is very much local and authentic to Kerala and Wayanad. We mostly serve rice and Indian breads as the main course. The price that we charge also includes to and fro jeep transfers from Vythiri.

Road to Dare Nature Wayanad

We have some very interesting out board activities like, Burma Bridge, Zip Line, Valley crossing, Archery, Laddering and rope crossing. These activities take out the fear in you which reflects in your daily activities of the real world. And it is so much of fun to be around..We have some hammocks out there to hold you up in air to swing and laze around. We have a wonderful view point from where you could see the Valley of Lakkidi and Vythiri through thick dense forests. Apart from all these we also facilitate day treks to Chembra peak where you can find the pond of love.

There is no reason to hold you back if you really looking around for destination for a perfect team outing. Send us a mail to right away to facilitate some real nice packages for you.

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